November 15, 2010

An Eye-opening Week

There are times (many )when I have criticized the medical system .Today however ,I feel indebted to that army of medical people who make up the hospital staff.
My husband landed in the emergency dept.this week for the 3rd time in as many weeks.
I have seen first hand how patient and efficient and how upbeat they all are ,even in the E.R.
My husband is being treated for infection and is uncharacteristically difficult to deal with.
And I'm sure these professionals deal with this day in and day out.But that makes them all the more heroic.
I ,who think I am a great care-giver could not handle this turn of events at home,and they do it so well .I can not help but be grateful ,even given that it is my tax dollars at work that I am watching.
I've sat for hours witnessing this so it's not a cursive glance I'm talking about.
It may be true that we are losing emergency wards all over ,but the ones that are open are doing a bang-up job in my books.

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