November 27, 2010

Body Parts

It's funny how we all look at our  most unattractive body parts and dwell incessantly on the unattractiveness of them. It doesn't ever occur to us that no one else notices or cares.
I was talking to a friend last night and the conversation got around to how we were older than dirt and even too old for liposuction and besides liposuction did nothing for ugly hands.
Her hands are what she thinks are so ugly and we couldn't figure what to do medically to remedy this . We hit at last on those sweaters with the sleeves that hang over your hands with maybe a hole in the wool to stick one's thumb out of. But we decided the young kids wear these and we'd look gross trying  to act not  our age.Then there is those cycling gloves that have a large circle out of the top and all the rest of the hand is leatherized.Then there's golf gloves .
Riding a bike and /or playing golf was too much like work.
In the end she thought she would be happy if women brought back that style where you weren't really dressed unless you had long gloves on. Granted,with jeans this would look stupid ,but stupid is better than ugly any day.
This is a lady who has the longest legs and a long waist to die for.She looks slim and willowy in her clothes while my clothes need to be loose around that  tiny country  between my last rib and my hip. When I'm with her I keep standing tall and closing my jacket.
And in the privacy of my mind I have a biblical solution.
Chop them off if they're giving you grief!

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