October 13, 2010

Stream of Unconsciousness

just hanging tonight.,grumbling about things .
We're still waiting for service people to remember that they made promises and schedules!
Ron can't decide whether he wants normal surgery or arthroscope and time is running short.
Reading an article tonight in which some lady was wondering if 60 was old. I guess it depends how one feels .I'd pay to be 60 again.But on the whole I don't know if I really think about age.
Sometimes when I'm dealing with something that will happen in the future,like a 5-year GIC or if I should put in hardwood,my stomach gives a sudden churn and reminds me I may not be here to enjoy so why  bother?
But  most of the time,being older than dirt does not crop up in my head .
I think the secret to staving wicked thoughts off is keeping involved and having time to do the things that matter to me.If I could just figure out what those things are.Often they get mixed up with all the other  stuff on my plate which never seems to end up done.The other way I stave off thinking is to never go to bed without a good book,(unless there's something pressing to do instead).
I'm revisiting a novel I seem to remember at least starting years ago.
The title is Sea Glass and the author is Anita Shreve(The Pilot's Wife).
I have to say I'm really enjoying that whole scene. Not only do I remember sea glass from the olden days but she keeps looking out at the sea and listening to the sea.
And I was born with the sea lapping up at my birthing house door so to speak.
She is very poor because her husband keeps losing his job and generally screwing up.
She is expecting more and begins to wonder about her marriage,although not solely because of this The setting is in the mid thirties ,
and maybe that's why I am drawn to the story again.
One thing I remember from the olden days is the thirties and their aftermath.And I realize that I never really appreciated how really tough my parents life must have been and how that kind of life interferes with all the good intentions that people start out with.
OK,I'm done!

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