October 7, 2010

Search Amazon.com Books for Ron was here

We're finally finished with Ron's book.Not that I have done anything but proof -read but seemed to take a long time with sending manuscripts back and forth to AMAZON.COM.
We will not have the real "book " in our hands this week. We had hoped for Ron's birthday on July 4th and then for our anniversary on Sept.5,and then for Thanksgiving this weekend. But it's really a snail kind of progress. Oh well ;it will be all the better for the wait.
Writing it has  made him feel really good about himself  and has brought some closure to stuff that has been bothering him.
I went to  Amazon.com to see if I could look at it but I got some guy's book called "Tell 'em Ron Was Here" but this is not the right book .Maybe it's not ready to download yet.
But here I am promoting a book for some stranger guy called Ron H.Hall. I hope he appreciates it! I can't even get it off my screen.  The true book (cover) is shown below.

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