October 10, 2010

Just this day I have finished reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest ,by Stieg Larsson.
The whole three books were wonderful reading .
Some areas in the Hornet's Nest were very technical and some of the names were so similer that I found myself often going back to check.
But for the most part -wonderful!
Something to avoid if you read in bed though -hard cover books!
I have bruises on my forehead and shoulders caused by my sudden lapse into total unconsciousness while holding the book first just above my face then higher as my arms got tired.
However ,worth it!
Larsson's characters are generally well defined ,but the main character,Lisbeth Salander is so distinctive as to make one think that she was real somewhere in the writer's past.
Also ,I thought ,being as she was mentioned ,that Lisbeth's sister might have developed at some point.
I thought that ,but it didn't spoil my enjoyment at all.
Thing is what do I do now ,go to sleep?

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