October 31, 2010

I Apologize for Us

I was running the cold water tap today rinsing a plate .And there  came to me ,a picture of school children  in history class hundreds of years hence making projects and reading stories of  a  past when gods roamed the earth. These gods ,having oceans of good drinking water wasted and flung it about  with abandon.These gods had  food in abundance and they hoarded it and allowed the unfortunate among them to starve. They had green grass everywhere and heat without making a fire. They went around on machines that belched black death into the sky.  These were the gods of the millions of animals that also roamed the earth.Some they ate and some they killed for sport until there were none. The Earth grew more angry and more and more threatening .
And then one day the angry Earth erupted and buried the gods as they ran...
It was a fictional picture I'm sure ,a kind of Halloween horror movie from my guilty conscience.

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