October 24, 2010

The Answer to Life's Problems -Big or Small.

Why are we here?e.g. what is the meaning of life?
Was there something we were supposed to do .?
why is there suffering and pain?
Why should I be good when the good and the bad all end up in the same place?
Why be good if the bad person seems to get ahead while you stay on the bottom rung?
Why do we slave  and pile up assets to get to a  relatively safe place for us and our loved ones,
then keep working incessantly when we don't have to anymore?
People who are rich know something that we don't know -that money and power cannot erase that unnameable hunger in the soul that keeps us striving for more success,more money.
Ask the average person which is more important,family or money,he will right away say family.
But watch how he lives his life and see what he really values.
Watch how he leaves early in the morning and comes home late ,too tired to enjoy his family.

These questions and many more are treated and answered by Rabbi Harold Kushner in a book I found so interesting and enlightening I intend to keep it by my bedside to digest again in small bites. The book is" When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough"-The Search for a Life That Matters-
Kushner uses examples  from his congregation and from his wide experience and from his reading to explore and answer these questions.
He uses Ecclesiastes ,which he calls "the most dangerous book in the Bible" ,to illustrate many of his explanations and analyses. This may sound like a dull religious  read but it is far from that. On the contrary whether you are religious or  not ,whether you are searching or not you will enjoy and benefit from this book.
It is truly a font of information and support for both the intellectual and the mystic.

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