September 19, 2010

He's Still a Sweet Dog.

Had a visit from my grand dog and his owner my daughter. He is getting very large and will soon be as heavy as a 5 pound bag of sugar.
That might not sound so big .But in his mind he is surely a Doberman,goes after every dog ,big or small on the walk. He prances right up to our resident Doberman,sniffing and smelling  ,reaching barely up to her knees. I stand back ,pull him away .The owner insists her Doberman is gentle and kind,a suck she calls her. She sure doesn't look like a "suck " to me.
I know my place around Doberman dogs--very far away.
But not my grand dog.It never occurs to him that he should be afraid. At times he snarls and hisses as if he just dropped in from Jurassic Park.

However ,he seems to be afraid of ghosts. Either that or he is psychic and spooky.
A couple of times when the family is having tea and crumpets(wine) ,he suddenly runs to the kitchen ,stares at some invisible someone and barks like he's mad.

Of course there is no one in the kitchen that any of us can see.
For him there is something dangerous and ugly.
For me I think there's an evil presence  come to haunt us because we low -balled when we bought the house.
He just stands there in an attack stance and barks and snarls and doesn't pay any attention when we tell him to stop.
Then he starts backing up ,still barking and snarling .Then he will go forward ,as if whatever it is is moving away.
Again he will back up away from whatever still snarling.
One would swear he is seeing something wicked.

Sometimes he will stay overnight if his mom is away.
I'm here to say  this would not happen if my husband wasn't home.
I'd surely have a heart attack if he started up with that when I was alone.

If it is a ghost he's seeing I couldn't even lock myself in the bedroom.
I'm pretty sure that ghosts can walk through walls.

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