September 2, 2010

The Guy I Cant Put Down

Another lovely  black velvet night ! I'm so impressed with this summer ! I mean ,in case anyone forgets,it's been  beautiful practically since the last of March! It went down to 21 degrees one day last week and I almost froze ,I was so used to 35!

But I didn't really sit here to rave about this amazing summer we've got going here.

I sat here to explain why my housework has not been done in days now .Not only that .My husband is starving and won't speak to me,just bumps my chair, harder than anyone needs to bump a chair,as he stomps by. The bathrooms are dirty and the bed is not made.The dish washer is full and there's no clothes clean.

Now  all this is not my fault

.I got my hands on this fantastic book !Every time I plan to leave it for later ,I seem to need to finish yet another page and yet another .My eyes are tired and stinging.  I don't fall asleep at night until my eyelids just close without my help.
The book is called The Girl Who Played with Fire by STIEG LARSSON.Needless to say after the foregoing elaboration ,it is one honking page turner!

(This same writer interferred with my work early in the summer with THE GIRL with the Dragon TATTOO!)

This  one is very long ,more than 700 pages in paperback.But still ,when you're finished ,you feel like you have nowhere to go and nothing to do.
It's a creepy feeling.
I can't wait to devour his next one ,THE GIRL WHO KICKED the HORNET'S NEST.

But I do  need to make a stab at  keeping my home together first.
Perhaps it's a good idea to cook a few meals and throw them in the freezer.

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