September 16, 2010

The Best of Times /the Worst of Times

Some friends and us were playing bridge a few nights ago .
After and before,we talked of many things.
We talked of stock prices and interest rates and of how to avoid probate.
There are ways but each has a catch 22.
And we talked a lot about blood pressure and cholesterol and diminishing eyesight,the air in our cars...

After they left ,we mused and chuckled about the difference in our conversations between the planet of the seventies/eighties and the by-gone planet of the 20's,30's,40's.
In those by-gone times we talked of babies ,the state of our employment,benefits of the second job,bomb shelters,schools shift work,cars with fenders like wings,cars with open windows ,no seat belts,the bread and milk left at our back doors. And often times we talked of picking up a 2-4 and some ice to set the beer in.
We made plans to meet downtown for a Sunday stroll.
Was it the best of times ? Like everything ,it depends on who you ask.
Then our lives were too busy and sometimes too scary to muse upon.

Now we may have more time to muse upon our lives But oftentimes this is also too scary.
As always,it depends on who you ask.

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