August 18, 2010

Talking to my Heart

I have to give something up today and giving something planned upon has always been a hard thing for me.

I found it difficult to give up my job,set my children free ,admit I'm not so able to do the things my heart leaps up at.
One must make these decisions .We must realize if we are loath to give up a certain activity or way of life even,then it must have been special and good for us. And maybe that is enough.
Maybe we've had our share and it's time to slow down.Maybe it's time to be happy that we had all that .Maybe this road is better than where the other road would have led.

Thank God I'm not the one to make that decision!

But the spirit is stubborn I find. It wants to cling to things that were ,be the way we were so to speak.

The giving up is made easier though,when it serves a purpose ,when it is the better of two roads,when it is a choice between two loves ,when something or somebody benefits more from our decision to give up then we would have gained by being selfish.
These days I ,as many others,make a decision to enjoy what's available to enjoy and talk to my heart about the other stuff.

There is still ,no matter what,much in life to enjoy and be grateful for.

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