August 9, 2010

Our Emergency Holiday

We took a holiday from everything we had planned today and spent the day in the emergency.
Hours and hours of waiting ,then wow "Here comes a doctor"!
Then .No,not for us!
Then .Yes !
Then hours and hours of waiting again while things took their course.
All kinds and shapes of impatient people ,wanting out of there but needing help to do that.
All impatient with being helpless and dependent.
Supper- time passed .Don't people know we get hungry at six?
We try very hard to stay away from hospitals ,using home remedies while waiting for doctors offices to grant us an audience.
But sometimes we just can't fix it and thank God for places like emergency rooms ,open day and night.
They work until they drop and deal with upset and sometimes unreasonable people.
You got it !
We need to be grateful for these people who know what they're doing .

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