August 5, 2010

Grateful was hard to find today

We went to another of those ever more annoying doctor's visits today.
While Ron was waiting for the druggist to do his thing,I sat back in the car listening to a groovy disc.
When he came back ,I turned the key to go home.    Nothing.      Not even a choking sound!
Guess I must have run the thing down!
And it was 30 degrees out there.
Ron asked this girl in a great looking truck to jump us.She had the will but didn't know how to do it and we didn't want to wreck the cars ,so that didn't work .As I was calling the CAA some guy came over and said he knew how and went to work.But no luck.His motor was too small to jump ours.Never heard of that but hey,I was there..
Sooo got back on the phone to the CAA after a trip to Fortinos to the little girl's room.
Back at the car another guy with a cool v8 motor in a 40 year old beauty was talking to Ron.
But by this time the CAA was there .He had to take the back seat off to find the battery!Man !
Having found it he announced the battery was gone ,at which point we began to argue with him that it was only a year old and we'd got it from them.
He said no ,that theirs would have a  CAA sticker but we continued to tell him more about how we got it from the CAA.
After we got home we remembered that we had got one from them all right but it had been for the car we sold. Embarassing!!
Now tomorrow we have to call them again and buy a battery.
I'll be grateful if it isn't the same guy for sure!
Of course there's a lot to be grateful for in that we got to talk to all those kind people who were so willing to help us .We didn't have to go to work,it wasn't snowing etc.
I know .I sound like a pollyanna.But I'll get over it.

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