July 1, 2010

persistance and detirmination

A couple of weeks ago I went to a hairdresser to ask if she could give me a curly perm.I'd had one in the 80's and found a picture.
But no,she said,"your hair is too dry and too layered and the hair will break,
and if I insisted ,I'd have to sign some paper.I didn't think my hair was that bad .
When I left the salon I felt like a kindergarten child who had spilled her drink all over. Not a good way to handle a potential costumer.
So I left and spent a week or more wondering if my hair was that bad.
But I needed something done.So I went to another stylist who said to treat it for a while and come back. Better, but not really in my plans.
Finaly I went to another and while she warned me she would not guarantee the results ,she didn't ask me to sign a release. She set about giving me the perm and now I sit here with no signs of breakage,and a head full of curls for carefree summer fun.
I remembered reading about Henry Ford(by Napoleon Hill) insisting that his engineers draw up a plan to put 8 cylinders on one block in his motor car. His engineers said it couldn't be done and each time they failed ,he sent them back to get it done.After a year of trying they found the secret that would make it work!
The point being that if you want something bad enough,then you can make it happen and Henry Ford kept demanding it be done.
So I ,instead of buckling under and letting them cut my hair,kept insisting that it could work .And Voila!

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