July 18, 2010

Pay attention to the good things

Our happiness is up to us ! There are a million things to be happy about if we just pay attention.
so OK sometimes the world sucks ,There's oil spills and terrorists ,scary economy ,war,deaths ,unemployment,taxes,you name it.
But the world has always been more or less in this kind of mess!
And even so great things have been said and done for the good of mankind.
Ordinary people have done wonderful things!And I'm not thinking about saving the world.
Just having a beautiful baby,spending your life priming him/her to contribute to the good is heroic.
We will be happier if we do what we can and let the rest play out.
If we live our lives in gratitude for the things we do have we will feel much happier.
Sometimes it works just to count the things that we can be grateful for.
Family (even if relationships are strained ),something to eat,even if we are 2 pays from the street,there are food kitchens and welfare,not that I'm saying this is good .But some countries don't have anything between them and starvation.
Some of us remember having no indoor plumbing (I know ,older than dirt but still kicking).
If we look around and pay attention to the things we can be grateful for ,like privacy ,doctors or clinics ,even if we pay "through the nose "for these.
No matter what the problem,there is a solution somewhere if we persist.
Wake up in the morning and be grateful for that,and grateful for you.
Most of us pay attention to the bad things and this keeps us sad and angry. We look in the mirror or at our clothes and just pick away at ourselves ,while others don't even notice what we are so unhappy about.We are so in the habit of looking at the negative side of things and just taking the good things for granted .
Susan Jeffers says:
"Taking things for granted is one of the greatest assaults on the quality of our lives"

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