July 20, 2010

Gratefullness is hard work but be grateful anyway.

We're not used to being grateful for the everyday stuff!
I tried to get off the habit of always complaining about life with my friends .But most feel whatever they have ,they worked for ,so who's to be grateful to?
True in many ways.
But shouldn't we be grateful we can work even,and think?
The little things we take for granted are legion.
We can easily find hundreds of things to be grateful for every day.But we concentrate on the bad stuff and it grows in importance until it fills our minds.
And we become depressed and immobile.

For me,I find the way to go is to count our blessings every night while waiting for sleep.Get away from worrying about what went wrong during the day.That won't get us to sleep soon at all.
I try to count everything.Siblings ,children,the people who take away the garbage,the fact that I found my glasses,my car started...

So the bills come in,the kids get sick,the job is in jeopardy.At this moment life sucks.
Think how glad you'd be to go back to this situation if one of the kids suddenly disappeared .
(It happens.),or the garbage people went on strike.
I'm not saying to ignore life's problems ,but don't feed them by dwelling on them instead of sleeping .  Replace the worry with grateful thoughts .who knows maybe solutions will come when your mind is still and at ease.
At least you'll get to sleep easier.
I,myself ,am trying this strategy.And of course  I'm thinking if I can do it , everyone can do it
Another way to do this is to think back to that little child that was you.
Remember a scene of him/her at play.
Go back there and watch as he or she interacts with her/his world.
Stay there for a while talk to the child.Concentrate on what's happening there.

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