June 4, 2010


Update on my shingles shot- not hurting at all so far. Not seeing any signs of thoses horrible deseases on the drugstore warning papers that they stick in with the drugs so if you fall down a mountain or drown after taking the drugs ,you were forewarned and it's all your own fault!

Also ,went golfing today --nothing happened .Not anything amazing anyway. I am an eternal optomist ,thinking that this time I'm going to make par or almost.I do too really but I times it by two so my friends won't feel so bad. Don't matter how good or bad you are on a hot day like today ,all that matters at the end of the day is the cold beer. Of course if I was not a coward I could relax with a drink while waiting for other to tee up. That would put a whole new (and sweet) wrinkle in the game.
We left without one of the putters. You can't imagine how frustrating a thing like sharing a putter can be!Almost as bad as people who don't count those mulligans and those little shoves out of the rough.

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