June 21, 2010

A little knowledge goes...

So I'm starting to poke at my body again.
I've been reading again about alkaline dieting.
I googled a site called energise for life.They have a partial list of alkaline and acidic foods .
Apparently cancer and friends do not get along well with alkaline inards.
What they like is acid forming,muscus forming foods like white bread,pasta,rice, dairy...
I figure if it doesn't work ,at least it won't do me harm after all it's just food ,and most of it we eat every day anytway.And it may enhanse my immune system.
I need to die with a great body because I've donated whatever is good enough to McMaster. It would be embarrassing to offer trash to such an asteemed institution
On another site it said if you wanted to see if you were benefiting from your calcium,put a capsul in a glass of water,if it melts there it will melt in your stomach.

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