June 4, 2010

In the Heart of the Sea-The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex,by Nathaniel Philbrick

This book may not be on the current best-seller list but I am really enjoying the read! I picked it up because I was at the gym with no reading material.
And Who knew!? Amazing if you like stories of real people faced with extrodinary circumstances.
The story is set in 1820 as the men of Nantucket set out on a routine voyage for sperm whales .This is how the little town of Nantucket made a living.
However fifteen months later ,on raging seas and faced with dwindling food supplies,they are rammed by one of the very whales which they were hunting.Essentially the hunters being hunted by victims of their hunt.
I found it amazing for the irony and the glimpse of a way of life so different and so difficult and yet so proud .
The author supplies the reader with a knowledge of the way of life for the Nantucketers and then sails us of into the sea with the Essex where we live the horrors of the voyage along with the sailors.On the way learning much about the town ,the sea,the whales and the times.
An excellent read which I recommend to anyone interested in the mystery of life and living.

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