June 2, 2010


I've been reading a blog about trying new things and came up with a small idea. I tried some fresh fiddleheads two nights ago. Mixed some in with my salad and cooked some up with the main course. Liked them a lot! happy I tried. Not quite sure why I hadn't tried them before. Probably because they look very poisonous all curled up in a kind of other worldly fashion. Another reason I should have eaten them long ago ,is that they are plentiful where I grew up.That being the East Coast of Canada. Anyway I tried them and it was all good. Now I must look to greater things for my next new thing.
One thing I'm tryint this week is Blueberry Grunt. This is not really a new thing but it's been so long since I had it ,that I think it qualifies.
The reason it's been so long is that I don't like to mess with the goodness of plain blueberries.
In Nova Scotia it is a special dish but there blueberries are plentiful and you can pick them yourself.When you give up one arm and one leg for a little plastic case of blueberries you don't want to cook the good out of them.They are so good for you raw.

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