June 19, 2010


It's amazing how the same body that used to grind out a day's work,come home to make supper ,do the homework thing ,get the lunches ready for the next day and still take in a show or a card game,is now tired by 9:00 after doing none of the above mentioned chores.
Not even that the body is left to vegetate,because even when given cardiac movement ,weight -lifting ,sit-ups and treadmill work,I'm still sore and broken at a normal day's end. It's very frustrating. But I shouldn't complain.Like the saying goes I should be glad to be able to do all these things ,sore or not. But still no one wants to admit that it's harder to do the stuff that used to be easy.
I have decided that it seemed easier because it simply had to be done.It was the reason for getting out of bed so to speak.
The problem is that,as we age and the kids are gone ,we have less urgency to hit the floor running each morning. Haven't decided whether that's a good thing or a bad. I guess it's a great life when all there is to complain about is the advantages of the golden years.
Not to say that everything is golden.I should be rich really because I don't smoke,hardly ever drink,own only one car,live in a senior complex,don't buy any fancy clothes ,go on crusies or gamble,have no ability to shake off the "dirty thirtys"way of living at all.But am I rich ? Of course not!
So how does that work like that?
I think I'll just go to bed.

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