May 17, 2010

I apologize

A couple of nights ago I was discussing (with myself it seems) an article by Cecily Ross in Zoomer .Problem was ,I couldn't find her name anywhere in the article.And it's just not my fault! I didn't ask to get old.
The article title is "freedom's just another word for not enough to do."
The lady was trying to write a novel(isn't everybody?)and it was lounging in her hard drive and she was watching the days stretch ahead not able to find the words to write.This is not my problem.I find myself running around trying to do everything before it's too late . I seem to have less time and get less done than when I went to work! Really!
The whole idea is ,you gotta have a plan.And I suppose a plan means an organized plan,not a plan to jump through hoops every day and worry if you fail. Of course she retired 10 years younger than I,so maybe that's it.
And of course I used to get up at 6 .Now I'm lucky if I hit the floor at 8,so there goes a couple of hours. Then add that I take 2 hours to eat breakfast and read the paper.then get dressed ,clear the table ,put away the papers (puzzle unfinished) and start lunch.
A little different plan than I made when I retired ,but hey,a plan is a plan.

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