May 8, 2010

fun and games

who ordered this winter weather brrrr!
See how rotten spoiled we are because we had May in March and April?
My clothes dryer is doing its thing and I must wait till it calls me
to run and serve it. The kids have long gone and hubby is asleep so the dryer preserves my martyrdomness..
I was at an 80th birthday today and the noise was deafening.Sounded like a schoolyard,except no one fell and scraped a knee and no one was crying and no one had long hair to their waist,on the contrary every woman had short (I'm never having sex again)hair cuts but other than that... schoolyard.

We started to put up an 8 foot umbrella on an 7 foot deck two days ago but the rain started pelting and the wind blasted and flapped the top around .
so we left tools umbrella,a pail of cement (which the rain has now turned to brown watery stuff. We're speaking to each other again now though. But it's still there and tomorrow's mother's day. Maybe I could start cleaning it up as the kids come in.Can't do any harm if they see how hard I work.

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