April 13, 2010

My Stroke of Insight-Jill Bolte Taylor.Ph.D.

I just finished reading this wild book by Jill Bolte Taylor,PH.D.She is a scientist and she's having a stroke and giving a play by play of every detail as it is happening.It amazed me how a person that smart could not recognize immediately what was happening.She seems to be stuck in her right brain watching the left hemisphere drowning in blood from the stroke .She is in a state of euphoria.She knows her body is not working well but she is happy and at one with the universe,and that can't be bad.
You get the idea that happiness and peace is in the right brain but can't be accessed because of the incessent chatter of the left brain.you began to think of the smile supposedly on the face of the dying ,like perhaps the left brain is already dead and God is there in the right brain. It's not a very long book but a very interesting concept.Some parts are technical (she is a brain scientist) but for the most part very interesting.

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