April 26, 2010

Is this a blank screen I see in front of me?

Ok so an hour ago I had a head full of things to say. Now I sit here with my fingers poised but it all has disappeared.
I want to speak words,perhaps about a long secret road which runs between the trees along a lake.But can't.I want to say I got finished all my work today,that I earned a night's repose.
I want to say I'm grateful that I got up this morning;but this is a given.
I want to say I'm grateful for lunch with 4 of my family today and that's one of the perks of my humdrum life.And also I got an hour on the treadmill.But I came home and ate too much and went for a nap.
As I lie there my mind went to a long ago place when I used to be an A-type personality who didn't even need sleep at night.Sigh---sigh and sigh

I can say,though,that my life, regardless ,serves me up chicken soup.
If once in a while there's a fly in my soup,I am grateful it is just a little fly

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