April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Yes it is and the day is beautiful!

Makes one forget petty ,or even huge problems for a while.
It's amazing how we worry over our problems but don't bat an eyelash at the dire fact that we are hurtling through space in the path of comets,sun flares slipping off our ellipsis or burning up in the atmosphere. We have no idea how brave we are even if ignorant of this fact.
In some places where the earth opens up and swallows people maybe they have too much to worry about. But us in North America ,we should be worrying about this. If not us then who?
On the other hand we won't know what happened to us .
Some scientist in a thousand years (perhaps with our dna) will take a look at Mickey Mouse and the likes of Miss Piggy and say "Wow ,these people were weird looking .No wonder they're extinct"

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