March 15, 2010

Lucky Lady

My kids were born with all their fingers and toes.
My kids and grand kids seem to love me .
I have enough money to enjoy my retirement -(of course I don't have extravagant tastes,good food wine,occasional martini...)
I have time to paint .
When I messed up ,I didn't get caught
Going through the bush on my way to school when I was ten,I met a man lounging on a gravestone and I didn't get raped.
I was thousands of miles away from home and alone when I was 15 and God brought me home safe and sound
A man held an unsecured 3rd mortgage on a house of mine and had to stop paying so I was sure I'd never see that money but one day he shows up out of the blue and pays.
When I was 30 I had a grade 6 education,when I was 33 i went to first year at Mcmaster,when I was 39 I went to Teacher's college and landed a job at 40.
What's not to be thankful for?
Yahweh always standing by my side even though most of the time I didn't recognize this.
Now if I could just win the lottery....

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