February 1, 2010

Sick and tired of being tired

So I painted my bathroom (a postage stamp) today and I'm all tired out. It's very difficult anymore to twist and squirm around corners between the shower and the toilet. Of course I could always drop a towel down there and pretend it just happened if someone went to the bathroom. But with my luck it would be one of those clean freaks and she'd crawl down there and pick it up.

I never used to have this tired thing. Time was when I'd work all day then dance all evening hoping to find the guy who'd have eyes good enough for my children.
I found him one night ,and for the next 10,11 months we paraded ,sashayed,danced and even talked sometimes.
Then I married him.
Then came a bunch of rowdy kids with eyes like him,but bigger mouths.
They played and laughed and whined and generally made so much noise that the years just flew out the door while I was putting on a band aid one day.
Soon my noisy crew took my husband 's eyes off to high school,where they ,each one in turn,
learned how old and "not with it" I was.
So I decided to go to school too ,just to find out what it was out there ,that they had and I didn't.
I didn't find it, All I found was hard work.

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