February 24, 2010

My friend had a heart attack yesterday! she is the most healthy looking of us all. Her and her husband were here Monday night watching Couple's Retreat and laughing.
I was so horrified for her but she is doing OK now,called 911 in time. Thank God!
Seems every second day someone has something.
Besides her, my brother is having heart trouble and my brother -in -law is in hospital with gall stones .
I guess it's the time of life when things start to break down.
It gave me a scare. I started cleaning my house and my drawers and shining things up just in case I have to leave suddenly .
I was playing duplicate bridge last night .I suck at that. I think they give all the good cards to North and South,but I hate to switch in case they happen to switch the good cards to East and West that night.
I expected life to be easier by this time. But No!

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