January 9, 2010

Then again...

Can't believe it's January 9. I haven't done any of those resolutions I made last year!
Went swimming today though.I guess that counts for something ,gives me a reason to be tired.
Used to be able to go all day and half the night .But those days seem to have vanished along with my springy knees. Don't know where they went ,but they're gone!

Danced on New Year's Eve,bowled the next week. Now I'm sitting with my feet up and my knees bandaged. Hurrah for the Golden Years! What a laugh!
I had it all planned to laugh and drink and sleep in .HA!

But then again,I'm a lot better off then lots of people I know.
My brain can't fathom why the body beneath it has gone to pot.
My brain ,of course is somewhere in it's early twenties;my body is in it's mid seventies.
So there's some incompatibility there!

Maybe I should get Dr. Oz to put me on his truth machine!

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