January 21, 2010

Scary Stuff

started again,have paintings all over my basement since I don't have room upstairs
One thing about moving into a little one floor plan to save my knees,there is no room for pictures on the walls!
Downsizing created lots of extra,useless items in my basement that none of my family wants.
It also created a colourful unfinished basement! Paintings everywhere!
I'm toying with the idea of selling them on etsy ,but it's a scary process, so many rules and responsibilities,like how to keep track (like I'm going to sell ,sell sell ...)) But one needs to be ready for such miracle's . I am having nightmares in the middle of the day as I usually do when I decide to step out of my comfort zone. Like how do I size these large paintings,and where do I ship to and how . I'm reading up on it ,but it's a really huge project for an old woman.
Last night I dreamed of a huge mirror the size of the whole wall and a little girl.Don't know what that has to do with paintings,although I've been really worrying about how huge my pictures are.

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