January 5, 2010

Planning on starting to paint again .Haven't taken out my paints since I moved in here in October /o8. But this week is the week! On the other hand ,
I'm still planning on writing the story of my life and cleaning the garage,and maybe even doing the breakfast dishes.
Usually I'm planning for Florida this time of year. But lots to do around here,as you can see.
And life is so complicated in the skies!

I've been enjoying reading Malcolm Gladwell 's books and have got through" What the Dog Saw ",almost. He's the top of my book list presently. I keep Jack Canfield (chicken soup for the soul) around to peruse when I need help in keeping on, and Robin Sharma to do relationships...
Searching my brain for the name of the movie from which comes the phrase "...frankly my dear...". I'll have to keep on keeping on until it comes to me. I have so many sensible things to say until I sit at my desk,then lol my mind is a blank. But I'm keeping on so anyone who chances to read me so far can at least expect that I will bloom,maybe.

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