November 27, 2010

Body Parts

It's funny how we all look at our  most unattractive body parts and dwell incessantly on the unattractiveness of them. It doesn't ever occur to us that no one else notices or cares.
I was talking to a friend last night and the conversation got around to how we were older than dirt and even too old for liposuction and besides liposuction did nothing for ugly hands.
Her hands are what she thinks are so ugly and we couldn't figure what to do medically to remedy this . We hit at last on those sweaters with the sleeves that hang over your hands with maybe a hole in the wool to stick one's thumb out of. But we decided the young kids wear these and we'd look gross trying  to act not  our age.Then there is those cycling gloves that have a large circle out of the top and all the rest of the hand is leatherized.Then there's golf gloves .
Riding a bike and /or playing golf was too much like work.
In the end she thought she would be happy if women brought back that style where you weren't really dressed unless you had long gloves on. Granted,with jeans this would look stupid ,but stupid is better than ugly any day.
This is a lady who has the longest legs and a long waist to die for.She looks slim and willowy in her clothes while my clothes need to be loose around that  tiny country  between my last rib and my hip. When I'm with her I keep standing tall and closing my jacket.
And in the privacy of my mind I have a biblical solution.
Chop them off if they're giving you grief!

November 15, 2010

An Eye-opening Week

There are times (many )when I have criticized the medical system .Today however ,I feel indebted to that army of medical people who make up the hospital staff.
My husband landed in the emergency dept.this week for the 3rd time in as many weeks.
I have seen first hand how patient and efficient and how upbeat they all are ,even in the E.R.
My husband is being treated for infection and is uncharacteristically difficult to deal with.
And I'm sure these professionals deal with this day in and day out.But that makes them all the more heroic.
I ,who think I am a great care-giver could not handle this turn of events at home,and they do it so well .I can not help but be grateful ,even given that it is my tax dollars at work that I am watching.
I've sat for hours witnessing this so it's not a cursive glance I'm talking about.
It may be true that we are losing emergency wards all over ,but the ones that are open are doing a bang-up job in my books.

October 31, 2010

I Apologize for Us

I was running the cold water tap today rinsing a plate .And there  came to me ,a picture of school children  in history class hundreds of years hence making projects and reading stories of  a  past when gods roamed the earth. These gods ,having oceans of good drinking water wasted and flung it about  with abandon.These gods had  food in abundance and they hoarded it and allowed the unfortunate among them to starve. They had green grass everywhere and heat without making a fire. They went around on machines that belched black death into the sky.  These were the gods of the millions of animals that also roamed the earth.Some they ate and some they killed for sport until there were none. The Earth grew more angry and more and more threatening .
And then one day the angry Earth erupted and buried the gods as they ran...
It was a fictional picture I'm sure ,a kind of Halloween horror movie from my guilty conscience.

October 24, 2010

The Answer to Life's Problems -Big or Small.

Why are we here?e.g. what is the meaning of life?
Was there something we were supposed to do .?
why is there suffering and pain?
Why should I be good when the good and the bad all end up in the same place?
Why be good if the bad person seems to get ahead while you stay on the bottom rung?
Why do we slave  and pile up assets to get to a  relatively safe place for us and our loved ones,
then keep working incessantly when we don't have to anymore?
People who are rich know something that we don't know -that money and power cannot erase that unnameable hunger in the soul that keeps us striving for more success,more money.
Ask the average person which is more important,family or money,he will right away say family.
But watch how he lives his life and see what he really values.
Watch how he leaves early in the morning and comes home late ,too tired to enjoy his family.

These questions and many more are treated and answered by Rabbi Harold Kushner in a book I found so interesting and enlightening I intend to keep it by my bedside to digest again in small bites. The book is" When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough"-The Search for a Life That Matters-
Kushner uses examples  from his congregation and from his wide experience and from his reading to explore and answer these questions.
He uses Ecclesiastes ,which he calls "the most dangerous book in the Bible" ,to illustrate many of his explanations and analyses. This may sound like a dull religious  read but it is far from that. On the contrary whether you are religious or  not ,whether you are searching or not you will enjoy and benefit from this book.
It is truly a font of information and support for both the intellectual and the mystic.

October 13, 2010

Stream of Unconsciousness

just hanging tonight.,grumbling about things .
We're still waiting for service people to remember that they made promises and schedules!
Ron can't decide whether he wants normal surgery or arthroscope and time is running short.
Reading an article tonight in which some lady was wondering if 60 was old. I guess it depends how one feels .I'd pay to be 60 again.But on the whole I don't know if I really think about age.
Sometimes when I'm dealing with something that will happen in the future,like a 5-year GIC or if I should put in hardwood,my stomach gives a sudden churn and reminds me I may not be here to enjoy so why  bother?
But  most of the time,being older than dirt does not crop up in my head .
I think the secret to staving wicked thoughts off is keeping involved and having time to do the things that matter to me.If I could just figure out what those things are.Often they get mixed up with all the other  stuff on my plate which never seems to end up done.The other way I stave off thinking is to never go to bed without a good book,(unless there's something pressing to do instead).
I'm revisiting a novel I seem to remember at least starting years ago.
The title is Sea Glass and the author is Anita Shreve(The Pilot's Wife).
I have to say I'm really enjoying that whole scene. Not only do I remember sea glass from the olden days but she keeps looking out at the sea and listening to the sea.
And I was born with the sea lapping up at my birthing house door so to speak.
She is very poor because her husband keeps losing his job and generally screwing up.
She is expecting more and begins to wonder about her marriage,although not solely because of this The setting is in the mid thirties ,
and maybe that's why I am drawn to the story again.
One thing I remember from the olden days is the thirties and their aftermath.And I realize that I never really appreciated how really tough my parents life must have been and how that kind of life interferes with all the good intentions that people start out with.
OK,I'm done!

October 10, 2010

Just this day I have finished reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest ,by Stieg Larsson.
The whole three books were wonderful reading .
Some areas in the Hornet's Nest were very technical and some of the names were so similer that I found myself often going back to check.
But for the most part -wonderful!
Something to avoid if you read in bed though -hard cover books!
I have bruises on my forehead and shoulders caused by my sudden lapse into total unconsciousness while holding the book first just above my face then higher as my arms got tired.
However ,worth it!
Larsson's characters are generally well defined ,but the main character,Lisbeth Salander is so distinctive as to make one think that she was real somewhere in the writer's past.
Also ,I thought ,being as she was mentioned ,that Lisbeth's sister might have developed at some point.
I thought that ,but it didn't spoil my enjoyment at all.
Thing is what do I do now ,go to sleep?

October 7, 2010

Search Books for Ron was here

We're finally finished with Ron's book.Not that I have done anything but proof -read but seemed to take a long time with sending manuscripts back and forth to AMAZON.COM.
We will not have the real "book " in our hands this week. We had hoped for Ron's birthday on July 4th and then for our anniversary on Sept.5,and then for Thanksgiving this weekend. But it's really a snail kind of progress. Oh well ;it will be all the better for the wait.
Writing it has  made him feel really good about himself  and has brought some closure to stuff that has been bothering him.
I went to to see if I could look at it but I got some guy's book called "Tell 'em Ron Was Here" but this is not the right book .Maybe it's not ready to download yet.
But here I am promoting a book for some stranger guy called Ron H.Hall. I hope he appreciates it! I can't even get it off my screen.  The true book (cover) is shown below.